The Next Revolution For Music

In the music industry, competition can be fierce due to the humongous size of the whole music industry. To gain mass appeal, the success of a track or an entire album cannot be ensured just by the popularity of the artist. From heavy advertising to publicity stunts, major artists try almost everything to keep their albums sales up high. Before the introduction of the mp3 format, the medium that was used to store music to be able to be portably distributed was the compact disc.
In the 1990’s, many artists released a special edition of their music called interactive media as a marketing, which died down mostly due to the fact that a single compact disc cost around $50. Music videos bought a whole new way to promote music so much that a good music video can insure good sales. The biggest income that artists earn is through touring, so it is natural that many innovations has made its way onto the stage, however the latest innovation implemented to a concert is by far the biggest leap ever taken for a music festival.
The next big step
Virtual reality is the talk of the town now, with the introduction of Oculus Rift and the Samsung Gear VR, putting the craze about hover boards out of everyone’s mind. The initial target group for Virtual reality was for the gaming industry with Sony working on the PlayStation VR headphone as well as Oculus Rift, purchased by Facebook for $2 billion, worked on a VR headset for PC gaming. VR opens up a whole new world for gaming, allowing you to fully immerse to the game, almost as if you entered an entirely different dimension. The Gear VR produced by Samsung is one of the first to introduce VR for personal usage. If you ever wished to be as close as possible to the stage at a music festival, or even be on the stage or backstage during a performance? You can do so if you go for virtual reality music festival.
A virtual reality music festival allows the audience to put on their virtual reality gear and view the music festival directly from edge of the stage, allowing the user to immerse into the experience with a view better than that of the audience standing right below the stage. This virtual reality experience allows you to look at the performer’s right in front of their face, and you can even see what the audience looks like for the performers by simply looking back when using your virtual reality gear.
Virtual Reality for music video’s
Oculus Rift recently released a music video that can only be viewed with a virtual reality headset. The specialty of this video is that it’s a virtual reality music video, which means you can turn your head around to see the surrounding or anything you desire. This video was made by attaching a 3D camera to a hot air balloon to record it flight info the heavens. Implementation of virtual reality to a music video holds great promise, much needed due to the constant weathering of the current music industry.